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Through integrity and independence, i-squared Wealth Management provides customized investment management solutions with the goal of providing superior risk-adjusted returns and client service. We provide private wealth investment management, retirement, and alternatives solutions. i-squared is a fiduciary, acting in the best interest of the client. Client service is a core value of our firm.

Alignment of interests with private wealth clients is vital to our success. We do this in many ways. First is business focus, unlike banks and others, we focus exclusively on investment management, we do not underwrite, lend, investment bank, broker, etc. We are purely an investment organization that aims to deliver diligently researched and risk managed portfolios. Second, we are independent, as many of our competitors have to push certain products or are restricted by certain products, or simply have a conflict of interest in many different ways, we are free of such constraints. Independence allows for open architecture, which means we are able to pick the most appropriate product for each client. Third is fees, fees should be simple and transparent. We only earn revenue in one way. We think it is also essential to be cognizant of other costs of investing, such as cost of underlying product, transaction costs, and taxes. Lastly, and probably most importantly, there should be alignment of interest with the client through personal investment from the advisor. In other words, i-squared’s principals manage their money alongside client capital.

On the alternatives side, we have a particular focus on creating portfolios of hedge fund strategies. We have a niche in smaller and mid-sized strategies that are alpha focused. We think that there is a compelling opportunity in such strategies. i-squared’s principals have unique experience in sourcing, performing due diligence, constructing, and risk-managing hedge fund portfolios. We work with each client to customize exposures and strategies to maximize portfolio results.